Australian Export Certification Services (AECS) has distinguished tradition of innovation in issuing more


The electronic certificate delivery system which is at the core of AECS has been used by all major certification authorities in more


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ISO 27001 Certified

And finally, AECS has earned ISO 27001 accreditation to deliver electronic certificate or origin and authenticating more

Australian Export  Certification Services (AECS)

is accredited to issue Certificates of Origin covering countries which operate outside the free trade agreement. for the countries signatory to free trade agreement with australia please contact …..

Australian Certificate of Origin

Australian Certificates of Origin cover the countries which are not part of Free Trade Agreement. These certificates in some cases may need compliance with importing country’s format in terms of data content and the rendering of the data. Australian Certificates of Origin is covered by specialized arm of Ozdocs International which is Australian Export Certification Services (AECS), an ISO 27001 Certified delivery service. The delivery of these two services are made seamless to an exporter, the software redirects the certificate requests to the right channel, once the registration is completed by an exporters.

FTA Certificate of Origin

Who can issue FTA Certificate of Origin?
FTA Certificates of Origin can only be issued by an authorised body approved by JAS-ANZ and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. International Export Certification Services (IECS) is authorized to issue FTA Certificates of Australian Origin by accreditation through JAS-ANZ scheme under the umbrella of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.International Export Certification Services (IECS) can issue all FTA Certificates of Origin.

Ready for applying Australian Certificate of Origin?

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 Australian Export Certification Services (AECS) is ISO 27001 accredited entity and it is part of Tickit Systems, a member of Ozdocs Group of companies. Ozdocs International has served export documentation and compliance industry for over three decades. By our accumulated experience and by undergoing rigorous accreditation process, AECS ensures that it maintains the highest standard of customer service and be ready to assist with technological wealth of knowledge.


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